show them the road

where women steal to rendezvous by night
through darkness that a needle might divide,
show them the road with lightning-flashes bright
as golden streaks upon the touchstone's side--
but rain and thunder not, lest they be terrified.

text excerpted from kalidasa's cloud messenger


the surface of this world
is like a painting

a painting
ripe with symbols

that point like signposts
to the deeper places

the richer places

the places that you
have felt
with your intuition

the places
that have nothing to do
with this place

no words
no ideas


my eyes

my heart opens

then my self

then i am
no more

their little faces

their little faces

their little faces
gathered together
in wonderment

grace (ii)



fading away
and returning

in the same moment

the tulip

long ago

very long ago

a persian boy
named ferhad
fell in love

ferhad fell in love
with a girl named shirin

she did not feel
in her heart

what he held in his heart

and so
he went out into the desert
to die

in the fullness of night

he cried tears
on the sand


that became tulips

like his beloved shirin

the most beautiful
of wildflowers